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Following our passion for exploring nature led to an unexpected opportunity to share unique experiences with the rest of the world

It started while living and travelling in Australia. we occasionally found ourselves in locations where platypus were known to live. We studied literature about these extraordinary creatures and looked for them in the wild. Because of their nocturnal habits, it meant a lot of dawn hikes around rivers and lakes. We also honed skills required to capture images of these swift moving creatures in low light conditions. Video footage of this reclusive animal is rare and sought after for content in television and educational programs. We have been contacted over the years for permission to utilize footage and are always proud to grant it.

The video above is an excerpt from the Discovery Channel show Daily Planet. It includes some of our platypus footage taken at Mt Fields National Park in Tasmania. Below are more platypus video footage



This platypus footage was captured in MT Fields National Park in Tasmania. The platypus darts in and out of its burrow and swims upstream to look for food. It floats on the surface gnashing food before diving down to look for more. It clumsily climbs over rocks and branches as it goes about its business.



This platypus was spotted in Broken River, Eungella National Park Queensland Australia. You can clearly see it employing ectroreception as it scans the silty riverbed for prey.



This video shows two platypus interacting in Eungella National Park


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