Den. Specio-kingianum 'Casablanca'
Den. Specio-kingianum ‘Casablanca’
Flower - Den. Specio-kingianum 'Casablanca'
Flower – Den. Specio-kingianum ‘Casablanca’
Whilst living in Sydney, Australia, I grew a Dendrobium Kingianum in the sun room, which relatively speaking, is not too far from its natural habitat. It grew vigorously and produced many fabulous blooms.

Upon returning to the U.S., I purchased this hybrid Dendrobium from and have been very pleased. This is a very robust plant and has not only survived a move across country, but continues to thrive, grow, and is easily divided.

As the name suggests, this plant produces cascades of paper-white flowers with a splash of purple in even greater abundance than the Kingianum species plant. The flowers are fragrant and last more than a month usually from February through April.

Dendrobium Casa Blanca
Divide – Dendrobium Casa Blanca
  • Orchid: Dendrobium kingianum alba x Dendrobium speciosum
  • Bloom Months: Feb - April
  • Mount: pot
  • Fragrant: Yes
  • Acquired From:

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