Bioluminescent Glowing Waves

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There is something fishy in those waters

Something strange caught my eye while walking home one night. A transcendental aura seemed to descend upon what was an otherwise usual stroll along the path threading through the cafes along Manly Beach. On approach, punters of the Steyne Cafe were seen congregated outside of the pub with eyes fixated on the sea. A wave broke and suddenly the entire length of it lit up as if a neon tube ran through the middle. Everyone was delighted and speculated on possible causes while waiting for the next glowing wave. Many interesting ideas where posited, but as is the case with most late night pub explanations, the accuracy may be suspect. The most reasonable idea was that bioluminescent plankton had drifted in.

After returning home, I grabbed the video camera to capture the phenomenon which was difficult in the darkness. The experience was far more impressive than the video can capture, however, the video has still attracted over 100,500 views on YouTube.

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